Library Bot
"Library management system (Acquisition, cataloguing, serials, OPAC, Circulation)",
Check out our application demonstration video below.
Membership management
Allocate memberships to patrons.
Issue books
Issue books with our easy to use interface.
Book bank
Issue book bank to students
Student library account
Analytical representation of student library accounts .
Search book & get status
Book status for students.
Filter & create custom reports
Define your filters and reports.
Accession Nos.
Browse & create report with accession numbers & filters.
Manage author lists.
Book bank batches
Batch books with book bank accession numbers.
Use barcode machine for easy check in and check out.
Fine account
Fine history, credit or debit balance.
Book master
Create books with numbers of input fields.
Book return
Easy interface for book returns.
Update book status on return
Good, lost or partially damaged.
Department configuration
Create / Update departments.
Search issued / overdue books
By publisher, department, grade, class, accession number, issue, return dates, cost.
Online interface for students & faculty to request, search and browse through books.
Console to manage publishers.
Identify book locations.
Book bank bar codes
Generate bar codes for book bank .
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